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I started my journey in credit underwriting and accounts receivable management over 25 years ago. Little did I know as a young college graduate at the time that I was about to embark on a very fulfilling and challenging career.

Holding a leadership role in managing Credit and AR teams in several major corporations across various industries such as consumer goods, payroll services, hospitality, and the healthcare industry has allowed me to make a positive impact at every organization I have worked in. By partnering with internal teams and with customers while applying my knowledge I have been able to positively impact various KPIs such as DSO, DDO, order-to-cash efficiency, billing accuracy, bad debt, write-offs, and cash flow within these organizations.

My passion at work includes process improvement, the creation of SOP, as well as mentoring teams to excel in their roles.

In my personal life I am an avid animal lover with a family composed of a Golden Doodle and a couple of cats that keep things fun at home!

Customers will pay, we just need to show them the way




Maria M. Cesar, MBA Resume

National Beverage, Corp.

Credit Manager                                            100% Remote Position                                     November 2015-present
Ranked by Beverage Digest as the 5th largest soft drink company in the United States. Manufacturer of LaCroix Sparkling Water.

Responsible for accounts receivable portfolio for entire organization. Sales exceed over $1B.
Work directly with president of the company to strategize on accounts receivable oversight.
Manage team of credit and collection specialists overseeing customer accounts.
Created credit and collection policies for all business units within the organization. This includes the development of credit applications and other forms used for credit underwriting and onboarding.
Manage relationship with various credit reporting agencies and fluent in the use of their credit reports. These agencies include but are not limited to Dun and Bradstreet and Experian in addition to other industry specific reports.
Responsible for all credit line and payment term decisions for new and existing customers.
Decision maker for shipment of product to customers exceeding credit lines or payment terms.
Extensive experience in liaising between company goals, customer needs and sales team objectives.
Develop and implement multiple standard operating procedures to establish efficient processes affecting the management of accounts receivable, collections and other areas affecting these functions.
Create multiple senior level reports to ensure accurate oversight of the AR portfolio and risk mitigation.
Properly define and document internal controls to ensure compliance with Sarbanes Oxley. Partner with operations, sales, legal, accounting, audit, IT and other teams to ensure the successful management of account receivable.
Active participant in other areas of the organization to improve the order-to-cash cycle.
Provide professional guidance including training, mentorship, SWOT analysis, etc. to personnel in various teams.
Participated in successful launch of CRM system among other initiatives to facilitate management of AR portfolio.
Continuously lead meetings related to the oversight of the AR portfolio.
Identify delinquency drivers and facilitate action plans.
Monitor credit limits of AR portfolio and identify risk accounts on a continuous basis.
Calculate allowance for doubtful accounts.
Visit operations offices of the organization to provide oversight, guidance, training and mentorship to customer service representatives and managers.
Participate in sales team meetings.

BenefitMall formerly Compupay

Director of Credit Management                                                                    March 2009-June 2015 (6 yrs 2 mos)
BenefitMall is the fastest growing provider of integrated payroll and employee benefits products and services. BenefitMall offers thousands of health care plans from more than 125 leading insurance carriers sold through 20,000 independent registered brokers in the US, producing more than $1 billion in annual insurance premiums.

Responsible for payroll division’s Credit Department.
Carried out fit/gap analysis in various company systems with the objective of meeting risk compliance requirements.
Created procedures related to credit underwriting of new and existing accounts.
Successfully created and implemented corporate credit policy.
Decision maker in establishing and adjusting credit limits and terms.
Maintained consistent record of minimal losses while processing high dollar value transactions.
Effectively governed portfolio’s credit risk while leading collaborative work effort to maximize sales and profitability.
Developed fraud prevention processes and participated in industry wide fraud prevention group.
Worked directly with senior executives in finance, sales and operations.
Created multiple reporting mechanisms for scorecard reporting to senior management.
Trained and developed team with the goal of providing timely and accurate service to the sales organization, operations, and the end customer.
Established appropriate metrics to measure and monitor performance.
Implemented NACHA controls corroborating to the achievement of extensive ACH credit lines.
SSAE-16 audit contributor relating to credit mitigation processes.
Worked with IT to implement automated system wide risk controls.
Participated in continuous improvement and client communication committees.
Continuously worked on procedures and process improvements to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the credit department.
Managed credit underwriting process for various company acquisitions.
Developed training programs & webinars for operations and sales teams in an effort to improve process flow and customer service.
Responsible for hiring decisions and management of credit department personnel.

University of Florida

Research Administrator/Division Coordinator                                           March 2007-March 2009  (2 yrs)
The University of Florida (UF) is a major, public, comprehensive, land-grant, research university. The state’s largest employer and oldest university. UF is among the nation’s most academically diverse public universities.

Office of the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Contracts and Grants Accounting Services
Led team responsible for post-award monitoring and reporting for National Institutes of Health grants received by UF. These were in excess of $200M.
Maintained contract and grants records to ensure accurate data was available to grant recipients (researchers) and agencies.
Interpreted federal, state and internal rules and policies as it relates to allowable expenses on grants.
Provided training to departments on financial reporting.

Division of Gastroenterology
Managed a team of fiscal and administrative personnel supporting grant and clinical operations.
Worked directly with the Department of Medicine administration and division chief.
Provided administrative support for recruitment, training and mentoring of team members.
Formulated and recommended various policies and procedures related to overall program management related to both inpatient and outpatient facilities.
Responsible for complex scheduling of physicians and available clinic space to accomplish coverage at various hospitals and inpatient procedural suites.
Interval International                                                                        April 2002-October 2006 (4 yrs, 6 mos)
Interval Leisure Group is a leading global provider of membership and leisure services with more than 5,000 employees worldwide and services about 2 million member families in more than 75 nations. Spun off in 2008 from Barry Diller’s IAC (also owned Expedia,,, and more. )

Credit Manager
Developed and implemented credit and collection policies.
Responsible for managing account receivable portfolio for Florida and Latin America clients.
Evaluated credit worthiness of developer clients in consideration of credit lines.
Partnered with various inter-company departments including sales and marketing in an effort to meet customer expectations while achieving company goals.
Created and maintained various accounts receivable executive level reports.
Serviced customer needs while ensuring abidance of established credit lines and payment terms.
Managed team of credit and collections specialists.
Worked closely with cash applications team to ensure accuracy of payment identification and application.

Thermo Fisher Scientific                                                                 April 2000-December 2001 (1 yr, 8 mos)
A World Leader in Servicing Science. Leading provider of products and services to the scientific research community and clinical laboratories.

Finance Manager
Devised and coordinated credit and collections strategies for the organization.
In charge of credit underwriting for customers and distributors.
Managed team of finance professionals handling account receivable portfolio.
Liaison between Latin America finance teams and domestic operations.
Worked with sales team living abroad in Central America, South America and the Caribbean.
Responsible for performance tracking and reporting of accounts receivables.
Analyzed financial risk instruments such as letters of credit, sight drafts, and Dun and Bradstreet reports.
Created and managed cash applications process for branch.

Ford Motor Credit                                                                                 August 1995-April 2000       (4 yrs, 8 mos)
Ford Motor Credit Company is the financial services arm of Ford Motor Company.

Financial Analyst/Account Receivable Supervisor
Responsible for credit underwriting of individual and commercial credit lines.
Served as liaison between Ford Credit and dealership clients.
Balanced management directives while simultaneously satisfying customers.
Supervised team of account receivable personnel.
Active participant in management meetings.


Master of Business Administration


Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and International Business


Extensive credit underwriting knowledge in order to mitigate risk while onboarding new customers and extending credit to existing ones.


Order-to-Cash knowledge to ensure correct billing in order to minimize late payments or deductions.


Expert at analyzing processes to identify the most consistent and efficient way in which to reach the desired goal.


C-level and executive level communication skills as well as ability to partner with customers including some of the highest revenue companies in the United States.